Living a life less toxic | The Inspired Little Pot

Living a Life Less Toxic – My Mission

Living a Life Less Toxic Here’s the thing: it is physically impossible to live a life completely void of all chemicals and unrealistic to desire a life that is ‘chemical-free’. We live in a chemical world and the word ‘chemical’ doesn’t always equal toxic. Everything has a chemical name. The nasty chemicals, like the ones…

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Cleaning Up After DIY | The Inspired Little Pot

Cleaning up after DIY

Whether you’re using a thermal appliance or the double boiler method to create your DIY body care and/or cleaning products, the idea of using the same bowl/utensils for cooking food can raise doubts. This post will give you some tips on cleaning up the most effective and least labour intensive way. While the rewards of DIY are awesome, cleaning…

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What’s the deal with borax?

Is Borax Safe? Borax – Do we love it or do we hate it? There is so much conflicting information out there, and I get asked all the time about this mineral’s safety. Here’s a little look into the ingredient… Borax (also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate) is popular among DIY-ers.…

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Fake Smells Need to go | The Inspired Little Pot

Pretty names, ugly ingredients. Why the fake smells need to go.

Fragrance. We are not friends. Fake, synthetic fragrances are coming at us from all directions. Deodorants, shampoo and conditioners, baby wipes, washing powders, plug-in air ‘fresheners’ and scratch and sniff stickers are just a few examples of products containing artificial fragrances. These fragrances often contain hundreds of chemicals from a list of thousands and there…

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Choose the right essential oils | The Inspired Little Pot

Why is it important to choose the right essential oils?

If you have taken the time to source the supplies and make your own body care/cleaning products, you will want to make sure you are using top quality, pure and potent essential oils. Do your research. I have always said that companies with nothing to hide will give you as much information as possible when…

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whats really in washing detergent | The Inspired Little Pot

Ask questions. Get answers. What’s really in that washing detergent??

Here I have recorded an interesting email discussion that I had with the people behind a popular washing detergent. It highlights the importance to ask questions, challenge manufacturers and businesses, and get educated on products and clever marketing strategies. I saw an advertisement recently for “Cold Power Sensitive with Almond Milk”. I watched a well…

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